Smoking is Cause of Cancer

Fumar es causa de cancer...

Fumar es causa de cáncer (smoking is cause of cancer)

The warning above is not used in Guatemala. I have only seen it used in Mexico. In Guatemala, the warning on the cigarette boxes is pretty explicit Smoking will kill you, period.

I have no idea how and why in Mexico the message is spelled and constructed as to be ambiguous and fuzzy, like smoke, you know.

The sign above was seen at the Los Mojados Taquerí­a (The Wetback Taco restaurant). It’s a subtle reminder that this is a “real” Mexican restaurant and not a ChapiMex restaurant.

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  • Este Rudy y su ChapiMex… This posting made me reminisce of the warnings back when I was little and used to hide my mom’s cigarettes to try to make her stop smoking… They used to say “El consumo de este producto es dañino para la salud” and I used to read “El consumo de este producto da niño para la salud”… I bet THAT would be a good deterrent don’t you think (For non-Spanish readers: “dañino”=”harmful” “da niño”=”gives/causes children”)

  • So true. You would think after working in a funeral home in my younger years and seeing the lungs of a smoker fist hand it would make people like me stop smoking. The addiction is real and I would not wish it upon anybody. It will most likely be the death of me.

  • lb

    hey, I am one of those smoking haters. My dad has always smoked so I smelled like cigarrets the whole time I was growing up. I absolutely love no smoking establishments and wish everyplace was that way…
    On another note, The city is very peaceful, but what is there to do in Antigua at night if you don´t want to hit the bars or dicotecas?

  • What is with the calaca theme man? Hahahaha. I thought we had passed El Dia de los Muertos already. (Just kidding). Listen, I always enjoy your pictures. As far as smoking public announcements, I like the ones here because they are straightforward and not, er, smoky. I was a kid when there was one with a man that in order to talk, he had to cover a hole in his throat. He sounded Deep Throat-ish (no pun intended). That PA used to scare the @#$%! out of me as a kid. Now there is a PA with a split screen- on one side there is mouse (or rat?) licking nicotine, leaving, and coming back for more. On the other side of the screen there is a man smoking, stopping for a little bit to then smoke some more.