Traditional Guatemalan Mole

Mole Traditional Guatemalan Christmas Food

Guatemalan mole is very similar to mole poblano, which is a chocolate and chili based sauce (over simplification of the ingredients). One big difference is that mole poblano is a meal with chicken or turkey, while Guatemalan mole is a dessert of plantains ladled with chocolate sauce or mole for short. Bon appetite!

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  • Esto es una tortura vos Rudy! Se te agradece que hayas hecho la debida y virtual aclaracion. Llegan unos tamalitos de elote? 😉


  • Tamara

    Do you know where I can find a recipe for Guatemalan mole, preferably in English? 🙂 Thanks.

  • I had no idea there was a different kind of mole! I agree with Tamara. Can you get us a recipe, please?

  • D

    i have a recipe for Guatemalan mole, ill find it and try to post from Guate and i got the recipe from my mom so it should be the traditional one.

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  • unlvrebelx

    I lived in Guatemala for two years as a Mormon missionary…. I spent 5 months in Solola….where mole is a very common meal, and I can assure that Guatemalan’s eat mole poblano…or just plain mole (the meal with chicken). I never had “Guatemalan Mole” as described here…but I’m sure it existed.