Traditional Guatemalan Christmas Food: Dobladas

Pork rinds dobladas Traditional Guatemalan Christmas Food

Dobladas (turned over) is our last meal at the Virgen of Guadalupe Celebrations. Dobladas are made from nixtamalized masa (maize dough) like tortillas, but other ingredients are added before the masa dish is folded over itself and cooked. The ingredients that are added to the doblada are normally ground pork rinds, cheese, mashed potatoes, whole beans, et-cetera, but could be anything really. For instance I would like to find dobladas with cheese and loroco flowers; that would be very tasteful. Dobladas are normally fried or cooked over a comal (griddle made from cooked clay); just like tortillas. Dobladas are very similar to pupusas, except they are turned over. Check out the giant pupusas or Mayan pizza photos. Once dobladas ared cooked they are top with repollo salad (cabbage salad or coleslaw), tomato sauce and/or chile sauce (hot and spicy sauce).

Bon appetite everyone!

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  • Something I learned here is that repollo is called (or is a relative of) sauerkraut and is very common in Eastern European and German cuisine. Maseca (R), which is the most known and commercial form of nixtamalized masa, is very common in the supermarkets, I bought a bag like a year ago and haven’t used it all (dunno if it is still good). For some reason my tortillas never end up with the right consistency. I blame it on the altitude 😛

  • Yeah Manolo. Let’s blame it on the altitude. 😉 I shouldn’t be talking though because I was given a mold to get the shape right (hey man, it’s not as easy as it looks). I stopped arguing with a person once who kept insisting that dobladas were pupusas. I just said, “Okay, you win, can I go now?” Hahahaha. Sauerkraut ist sehr gut.:-)

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  • Megan

    Where in the U.S. can you the special masa for tortillas? All I ever see is Maseca masa. Thanks!

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  • marai

    muy fea la comida de guatemala iuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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