How to make the perfect Guatemalan Tortilla

How to make the perfect Guatemalan Tortilla

Well, for starters you need ‘real’ nixtamalized maize dough (nothing of the maseca flour that Manolo uses), a ‘real’ comal (baked clay griddle) and you need to use ‘real’ leña (wood logs, quite possibly pine). After that, you need a good pair of hand to tortear (hit into shape) a real looking tortilla. You don’t need no stinking mold to shape your tortillas ma’am. 😉

Okay, go ahead now and make your own Guatemalan tortillas! Easier said than done, certainly. 😉

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  • Pinche Rudy (to use an expression I’ve been hearing and reading a lot 🙂 ) Now the whole house smells like a tortilleria… I have no “fototeca” to come up with a good reply… but I know where I can get some tamales and pupusas nearby (I wonder if they have handmade tortillas too?)

  • Jerry T

    Yum! I wish I had a batchof these tortillas. We ate in the home of a Guatemalan family and had some awesome tortillas. I ate a bunch of them. These aren’t your Texas grocery store tortillas!

  • sompopo

    Thats exactly how my mother in law makes them. Yum…Yum

  • Okay, so with these tortillas let’s have some frijolitos, some crema and why not? Some huevitos revueltos with a salsita.
    -All those in favor say “Aye.”
    -“Aye.” Heehee.
    So Rudy, I won’t need no sticking mold or no stinking mold? 😉 I should have clarified that I was given a mold waaaaaaaaaaaay back when I was a little kid and wanted to “help” my grandpa’s sister in the kitchen. I should also clarify that I probably would need a mold now. 🙁

  • Lindsey

    While living in Guatemala a woman taught me how to make tortillas and it takes practice! They have it down to an art.

  • Great photo — I imagine the taste is singular and extraordinary.

  • Rotpada

    I spent a few days in Guatemala recently. I LOVE the tortillas. Nobody can know what we are all talking about unless you’ve tried these yummy treats served with every meal. I really miss Guatemala.

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