Guatemalan Tortilla Basket

Guatemalan Tortilla Basket

So after the tortillas are cooked on the comal and if they having been bought in the meantime, they go to a basket which has all kinds of towels to keep them hot until you go the tortillerí­a and buy them. The picture above shows the usual arrangement for the Guatemalan tortillas inside the basket.

Right now, the going price for tortillas is 6 tortillas per one quetzal (Q1 = US$0.13). This fact brings me to another interesting aspect about tortilla selling in Guatemala: tortillas are sold by units and not by weight, which means some tortillas could be tiny or really thin or worse yet use maseca flour in the mix. 🙁

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  • I’ve become quite hungry looking at all of your pictures for this week!

    Thanks for your pictures throughout the year, and for your contribution to the City Daily Photo network.Have a joyous Christmas and a Happy New
    from South Shields Daily Photo

  • Finding a good basket to put one’s tortillas is a bit of a struggle here. Sure, you can find any basket and call it a day, but that’s not necessarily true. Thankfully though, the stores now have an “ethnic” aisle and you’re bound to find a tortillera so those tortillitas can stay nice and warm. 🙂