Santa Claus Pays a Visit to La Antigua’s Central Park

Santa Claus Visit to La Antigua's Central Park

Well, what do you know, even Santa Claus pays a visit to the illuminated Central Park. LAGDP’s Santa Claus lives in Motley, Minnesota and she paid a visit earlier in December as a response to the entry where I requested support for this web site through the Amazon Wish List that I maintain for La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo. Carolyn was kind enough to wear a red fluffy dress and bring the following presents: a mini tripod, a book on WordPress and a set of rechargeable batteries and charger.

Everyone, please, let’s thank Carolyn from Motley, Minnesota for such kindness and because starting with yesterday’s photograph all the upcoming photos were taking using the mini tripod and the rechargeable batteries. It’s incredible what a little tool like the mini tripod can do for photo opts. I will also improve on the layout and functionality of this web site as soon as I get through reading the book on WordPress, the software engine behind LAGDP. It is a great feeling to know that you guys support all the work I put on this site through your comments, post cards, gifts from the Amazon Wish List and donations towards the hosting bills.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Post cards request update: I forgot to mention that last week I received a post card from Iceland thanks to Andre, a Norwegian living in Iceland at the moment. I have a soft spot in my heart for actual really real post cards and letters, so please keep ’em coming! If you don’t know what I am talking about, please do read the entry Postscript.

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  • I thought Santa was Canadian… his address is:

    Santa Claus
    The North Pole
    CANADA H0H 0H0

    It’s good your letters to Santa were answered. You can also track Santa’s trip through Norad the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

  • Solo me queda decir !Que fotaza!

  • Letters By Santa

    Seems like a pretty warm place for Santa to be hanging out this time of year.