Illuminated Escuela de Cristo Park Scene in Antigua

Illuminated Park Scene for the Christmas Season

Even smaller parks, like the one in front of the Escuela de Cristo Church, get their light dress for the Christmas season in La Antigua Guatemala. Yet the best and most expensive lighting is reserved for the Parque Central (Central Park) as you have seen in the previous days’ photos.

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  • Jonathan

    Thank you for such a great website! Your content is great – especially the photos. I have two daughters who were born in Guatemala so it is close to my heart. I am also interested in starting a blog and I am also am amateur photographer. What software are you using for your blog? Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  • Bloguero Errante

    Feliz año nuevo manín, que todo mejore, que haya salud y mucha solidaridad.

    Abrazo Grande.

    Ex-pirata hasta que recupere mi blog

  • Pirata Cojo

    Feliz año nuevo manín, que todo salga bien, que haya salud y mucha solidaridad.

    Bloguero Errante

  • erica

    that’s cute how they made the lights look like angels

  • Aww, the angels are so cute. I also remember angels lighting our way to our posada at one point, but I don’t remember the name of the street. I like how LAG transforms itself for Christmas.