Casa del Conde Doorway at Night

Casa del Conde Doorway

The Casa del Conde doorway is bound to bring some tears and sweet nostalgic memories to many of LAGDP visitors. See, La Casa del Conde or Café Condesa as it is widely known is one of the La Antigua Guatemala landmarks and of the places to get a cup of the coffee in town. It is interesting that for being a landmark of this colonial town, I just barely show it to you… I guess I like to take the long way home. But others have mentioned it before in Antigüeño Breakfast at Rainbow Cafe and Chef Salad from Café Concepción (BTW, this restaurant does not exist anymore).

Like I said, many visitors to La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photos have memories of this place; would you mind sharing your experiences at Café Condesa or at any of the businesses at Casa del Conde?

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  • Pues I remember some oatmeal pancakes that were to “dine” for. A funny fact was that in Café Condesa the “default” side for breakfast is homefries, which is something very North American (I think). However, I used to ask, although not all the time, to switch for some frijolitos (non Spanish speakers can read it as: “free hall eat us” ;-)). Librería del Cadejo, which is attached to this “complex” has pretty good books too. They should pay us for the free advertisement with some coupons for breakfast, don’t you think Rudy?

  • MaggieD

    Also to “dine” for – the Sunday Brunch!!! Miss the Sunday Brunch and you have missed one of Antigua’s finest offerings! Also, I went there regularly for a no-nonsense pasta fagioli and turkey soup, always predictable, always good, reasonable cost. Service excellent as well.

  • happy new year rudy, may 2008 be the best year yet for you and yours.

  • Manolo and his “free hall eat us” 😉 Hahahahahahaha. I have sat there with my dad and we have had our cups of coffee while we talk about our findings (the books from the bookstore nearby-yes, bookworms with a mission). Happy New Year Rudy! Let’s sing: “Ay yo no olvido el a~no viejo porque me ha dejado cosas muy buenas…”

  • Manolo, creo que si deberíamos pedir un vale para el bufé del brunch dominguero.

    MaggieD, thanks for sharing your tips. I know where to go for breakfast next time.

    Patsy, I wish you a 2008 full of good health! Thanks for all your visits and comments.

    Carmen, just wait… today’s entry has the song that you want to hear and dance to.

  • Jerry T

    Ahhh, Cafe Condessa…Great breakfast, very much enjoyed, so much so that we went back for a lunch of desserts. we ordered 3 desserts and shared them as our lunch for the day. I especially like the apple pie with the blackberries in it! Yummy