Make Sure You Know How to Read this Sign

Sanitarios, Bathrooms Sign

If you have lived for a while in the ‘first world’, make sure you know how to read this sign. Sanitarios is the Spanish word used in Guatemala for bathrooms. Make sure to memorize it, otherwise you will be running like this little girl. 😉

Don’t you just love this Sanitarios sign… see how can I not suffer a fetish for signs in La Antigua Guatemala when even the most mundane sign is made to look aesthetically pleasing.

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  • coltrane_lives

    Now this is practical advice…especially since there are no pictures indicating restrooms for “men” and “women”! 🙂

  • Luis Figueroa

    Hey, do u know what puzzles me? Why is it that some people say restroom, instead of toilette. Sanitarios sound like restroom. He he. Greetings.

  • First reaction: Even the signs to go to the washroom are made in those amazingly beautiful tiles!
    Second reaction: Is that a chain on top of the sign? Do you need to chain down your pretty signs in LAG?
    Third reaction: Let me count the ways … to call the W.C.: Eng: restroom, toilet, washroom, bathroom… Esp: sanitarios, “servicios sanitarios”, baños, retrete (or is that just for the actual toilet bowl aka “inodoro”, which in itself is a funny word when you think about it) any other ways you can think of?

  • I like the signs in LAG. They are so very pleasing to look at…and I like the tiles on this one. I have learned that, indeed, “restroom” is a word that one needs to learn. And fast. In Germany, I forgot the word in an instant and I kept looking for it in my head and all I could remember were these words: Eingang and Ausgang. Entrance and Exit. I was what I would call a vocabulary purgatory. Thank God for illustrations though. The world was set right when I saw that stick figure with a triangle for a skirt.

  • nice sign, here we just have men and women signs, no art.

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