Grandma and Granddaugther doing Mandados

Grandma and Granddaugther doing mandados

Grandma and granddaughter caught while doing mandados (errands). Above we can see the close relationship between the grandparents and their grandchildren which in Guatemala is one of the strongest links between humans.

Unfortunately, I lost my last grandparent alive last year. I will miss my abuelita (grandma) very much. I am reminded of her often when I see vistas like the one above.

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  • Hey Rudy, I recently went to visit my grandmother in Guatemala, she is 91, and you are so right on this issue. It’s amazing how we are linked to our abuelitos, her name Mama Lidia.

  • Claudia

    Such a cute pic. You’re absolutely right about the bond. I miss my grandma very much so. She has a visa to visit us, but she refuses to come because she says the gringos ask her too many questions – figure that one out – besides she gets cabin fever when she’s here and she gets antsy. One thing about my abuelita besides the fact that her food is delicious and made from scratch, I hold her very dear to my heart because she was always very alcahueta with me. 🙂 – especially when it came to boyfriend(s), she would always give me the low-down. I heart her.

  • Pues like my grandma says “Al mandado y no al retozo”. My maternal grandma is the second person I cite the most, after my mom 🙂

  • Lovely photos..! I want to visit your country now 🙂
    Mia “Lilla Blanka”

  • coltrane_lives


  • I miss my grandmother (“Nana”), too.