Real People, Real Miracles

Real People, Real Miracles

That is exactly what Guatemala needs from the new Social Democratic government: Real people making real miracles (or at least real positive changes)!

Selecciones is the name in Spanish of the Reader’s Digest magazine. In the picture above, you see a Real lady reading the aforementioned magazine in her lunch break, or was it in her siesta time?

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  • Real people. Real change. Keeping it real man. Keeping it real. As far as the magazine, my dad likes Selecciones. He particularly likes the section on vocabulary and he enjoys the humor sections as well. I think there is a section called “Gajes del oficio.” As a kid, I used to read the funny stories in Selecciones and was surprised to find Reader’s Digest here. It was sort of like watching the Pitufos turn into the Smurfs. I know, different topics, but let’s make a little chirmol. 😉

  • Whatever it is she’s reading it sure looks interesting! 😀

    We’ve recently changed government here as well and we’re waiting to see if they’ll effect real changes in how the country is managed.
    Alas, even though I still have soem hope for better, I suspect we’ll havethe same mismanagement and corruption…:(