God and the Laptop

God and the Laptop

It is incredible that one time women, nuns to be more specific, were not allowed contact with the outside world. The Arco de Santa Catarina, one of La Antigua Guatemala’s landmark was built to prevent the nuns to be seen by the outsiders, quite possibly men, while they move from side of the street to the other side where they eat or pray; don’t know for sure which one.

I am glad to know that now nuns are allowed to walk freely in search for the best Wi-Fi spot in town so they can update their blogs. 😉

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  • Wow! This picture reminds me of my aunt…though I doubt she’s carrying around a laptop. She is now retired. My mom and I used to visit my aunt when she was in El Palacio Arzobispal. I liked to visit although some parts of the palace were creepy for me, probably because they were far away from the noise of the street and full of antiques that seemed to be staring. My aunt was a nun that always smiled…much the opposite of the stereotype I later encountered in books or movies. During those visits, I was always tempted to look for my aunt’s hair (not visible)and to ask her about when we would sit down for “cafe con pan.” I did not do either though because my mom would send a glance my way and I knew that it was not a good idea. My mom was my Arco de Santa Catarina. 😉

  • wouldn’t you think that black clothing would be hot?

  • Jerry T

    What an interesting shot. I would not have thought such an old society (nuns) would have laptops. The world is changing, maybe slower in Guatemala than everywhere else, but still changing. When we were kids,we would go to the convent and try to look over the walls. BAD, very bad!

  • Claudia

    I went to a school run by nuns, and I remember when I was in 1st and 2nd grade that was my dream – to be a nun. . . but of course my family (the teasers that they are) would find all sorts of nicknames, like sor-tija, sor-rillo, etc.

  • Are those heels she is wearing?
    It seems like the weather gods are on LAG side… Just look at the shades of green on those trees and the sunlight. I thank you for posting colourful pictures of your sunny city. I know, it might look sunny but it can get a bit chilly, it is January on the North-West hemisphere after all, no matter how close to the equator you are. (Guess what… overcast sky on the T-Dot again).

  • coltrane_lives

    Connected to God seems like a good “habit” for any nun. (I know, I know…that was bad.) The weather looks fantastic. Wish I were there. Ciao!

  • LD

    Praise the Lord for technology?

  • Mario

    I think she might be from the nearby coed elementary catholic school located on 5th Ave. “Our Lady of Suspicious Miracles”

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  • rocio

    Gracias, for putting all those pictures up. I have not been back in 6 years and love, love pictures of everyday life in Antigua. But this year I’ll be finally making a trip back home to visit my family.!!

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