Having the Sun for Lunch

Taking the Sun for Lunch

Yes Manolo, the weather gods are on LAG side. Above you see a group of tourists having the Sun for lunch and enjoying it too. Yes the temperate weather gods have been given La Antigua Guatemala temperatures between 68 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit in the harshest Winter month. Oh boy, life is wonderful in La Antigua Guatemala…

Don’t you wish you could be in La Antigua Guatemala having a bath of this wonderful sunshine?

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  • Sompopo

    Just the opposite here in Atlanta GA. We had two to three inches of snow today. Our snowman just fell over about 15 minutes ago. 🙂

  • Jerry B

    Sunny but cold in Dallas. But I’ll be back in LAG in April. 🙂

  • Sunny here in the T-Dot today! No snow to report, but freakin’ cold!! Right now -12 C feeling like -22 C!! And what’s up with Fahrenheit anyways? Do you actually think I am going to go look up that temperature report only to find out it is really balmy around the 20 C mark?
    I bet while these tourists are in their Summer outfits, locals are wearing sweaters anyways, don’t they? Or at least capitalinos on their weekend trip to LAG. By the way, you’re such a voyeur mon ami…

  • Oh, what a fantastic title, Rudy. Lovely.

  • LD

    I hope those gringitas put on their sunblock before feasting on all that LAG sun. Otherwise, they’ll be paying for that lunch for awhile.

  • Mario

    **** SUSPIRO *****
    I wish I was in LAG right now walking the streets, people watching, enjoying the beautiful weather.
    What hotel is that? La Aurora?

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  • Pennie

    I’ve been to that restaurant! I just love your photos…makes me want to go back…like NOW! lol!

  • Sompopo, what are you waiting for… come on down to LAG. I will share our nice weather with you and Flor, man.

    Jerry B, okay, make sure you look me up for a couple of beers or coffee your choice.

    Manolo, honest I had just read your comment about how sunny it was in LAG and then I went to have lunch, as I walked into La Fuente Restaurant I saw the group of tourists having the Sun for lunch, so I walked out and pull the camera and got it ready for the shot, walked back in clicked the shutter three times as I approached an empty table. That’s the story behind the shot… inspired by your comment; so, perhaps You are the Walrus

    Meg, oh it is so nice to have you back in LAGDP. I promise as soon as I find some free time I come over to say hello.

    LD, canchita I am sure you know very well about paying for these excesses, right?

    Mario, actually this is the restaurant La Fuente, right next door.

    Pennie, well what are you waiting for… come on down way south where you can be free.

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