YO-YO: The yo-yos

YO-YO: The yo-yos

Under the name of YO-YO: retratos y autoretratos (portraits and self-portraits) the Carlos Woods Gallery is presenting its very successful photography exhibit in the Sala Marco Augusto Quiroa of Paseo de los Museos in the Hotel-Museo Casa Santo Domingo in La Antigua Guatemala.

The photo of the hanging yo-yos above is part of one of the teaser window displays to make you go visit the exhibit inside the Marco Augusto Quiroa gallery in Hotel-Museo Casa Santo Domingo. You can find this yo-yos window display in the hallway that connects the underground parking lot and the hotel.

With this simple image we will begin two mini series. The first one will be about the YO-YO: retratos y autoretratos photographic exhibit. The second will be about art galleries and museums in La Antigua Guatemala. I hope to have you along this cultural trip we are about to embark… please make sure you have your pasaje en mano (trip fare on hand). 😉

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  • Fun! These are beautiful!

  • Becky

    Hi Rudy,
    Saw this exhibit just today and it was very interesting and inovative. Anyone else in Antigua now should visit!!!

  • Pasaje en mano. Hahaha. Funny. I like this. Fieldtrip time! Hey man, if you’re into kid cartoons, we are now like The Magic School Bus. Except I’m not sure if you would be right for the Carlos role (perhaps Manolo?).
    😀 Just kidding. Yes, my name is Carmen and I watch cartoons. Add that one to the list.;-)

  • OMG… The Magic School Bus just love that show… is such a trip (no pun intended). Although Rudy’s proposed voyage might be more like The Yellow Submarine. I love portraits, they are like opinions, and Luis Cardoza y Aragón says that giving an opinion about someone else is a way of defining yourself. This statement can easily be translated to portraits.

  • What a fun exhibit! 😀

  • sompopo

    Great Background Pic. Looks great on my 20 inch monitor. 🙂

  • Susan, yes, this is a fun photo. I enjoyed capturing it.

    Becky, I glad you went to see it. See you next time you come to LAG.

    Carmen, I think Manolo can do a better Carlos… now if this was my cartoon universe, it would be more like South Park; we will be riding a chicken bus (the one from Weekend in Guatemala from MA Asturias) with Las casitas del barrio alto from Victor Jara playing in the radio. 😉

    Manolo, thnx for the quote from El Señor LCA. This quote is going into my quote file… the file I use to presume I am educated and intelligent. 🙁

    Ann, this is a fun and very interesting photo exhibit. The yo-yos actually carry the names all the people who have a portrait or self-portrait in display.

    Sompopo, I will send you a bigger picture if you want to.

  • sompopo

    Thanks for the offer but the one I am using is just fine. It looks great. 🙂

  • Manolo

    If you are going to keep it here is the literal quote:

    “Dar una opinión sobre otro es una manera indirecta de definirse”

    From the LCA’s essay Rafael Landívar that is part of Apolo y Coatlicue: Ensayos Mexicanos de Espina y Flor (Editorial Universitaria USAC, 2002).