YO-YO: Two yo-yos

YO-YO: Two yo-yos

The YO-YO: retratos y autoretratos (portraits and self-portraits) takes its playful name in the fact that in Spanish the YO means I. So yo-yo means I and I which was the premise for this photographic exhibit where participants were asked to show their other I side.

The YO-YO: retratos y autoretratos exhibit has a wide array of portraits and self-portraits of many key players in the Guatemalan culture scene. Participants were asked to submit a portrait or self-portrait as they envisioned themselves or another facet of their personality they would like to show.

In the picture above, you can see my wife taking a snapshot of our good friend Daniel Chang, a photographer. Both of them had portraits in the YO-YO: retratos y autoretratos exhibit.

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  • sompopo

    I have also heard the term “YO” used as short for “You”. Such as “Whats Happening, Yo”.

  • According to HAL… I mean Wikipedia the name Yo-Yo comes from the Filipino (maybe they meant Tagalog) for spin. Your two subjects are quite poseros 😉 I am pretty sure you have showcased Daniel in other pics, but is this the debut of your wife?

  • Sompopo, yeah I heard it too. I recommend that you watch the Ali G show in Sony or HBO.

    Manolo, I knew you were going to look it up. You geek! 😉 Actually, this is a debut for Daniel, my wife has appeared before in the photo stream of LAGDP.