The Best Ceviche in the World

Seviche vuelve a la vida at Blanqui Sevicheria

This is the Vuelve a la vida seviche (Come back to life ceviche) from the Blanqui Sevicheria in Escuintla City, a town about 40 minutes from La Antigua Guatemala. I know Manolo, Guy, Pirata Cojo, El Canche and others will have fond memories and things to say about this ceviche photo. Let their comments come…

If you would like to learn a little about the ceviche fascination of yours truly, please, do read the following entries: Ceviche from La Naranja Pelada and Shrimp Cevice in Antigua.

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  • Claudia

    OMG, are those tamalitos de chipilin behind it?
    I can see there are conchas, camarones, what else is there in this ceviche? Rudy, what is the appx price of this?

  • Jerry B

    Ok, Rudy… 🙂
    I know that you know that there is a vast ceviche-loving group of people out there, and so posting photos of the Sacred Dish is guaranteed to bring scores of new readers (and oldtimers) to comment, reminisce, etc. I know this because I have done the same thing myself. It has been shown that this is the best way to see if El Canche is still on this earth, since he rises without fail whenever the food shots start getting posted. 😉

    Seriously, that looks good, and I will be in town in April. Ceviche. You and me.

  • Pues, se me hace agua la boca… The best way of enjoying a ceviche is with a good beer, don’t you think? I make the disclaimer that my “strange brew” post was written a couple of days ago and I just added some pictures today before publishing it.
    So it was Blanqui then… about the short story I mentioned on my previous comment about ceviches: I found a folder with all sorts of manuscripts, but no sign of it. And all digital trace of it has disappeared with an old floppy that was MIA at the turn of the century. Something about a retired general passing giving his blessing to a young fellow to become a candidate of some sorts… really macabre predictions of the mid 90s.

  • Me thinks we need to go Escuintla in our next trip. 🙂 The Vuelve a la Vida has had a variation of names right? Or am I thinking about another plate? Anyhow. Rudy, this picture of this cevice, is immensely appreciated. *Deep and soulful sigh*. I have tried ceviches here in California, but I find them to be a cocktail, which is fine, but does not remind me of Guatemala. E can make a great ceviche and he does not skimp on the seafood. I usually ask for it for my bday, which is in Summer and that beer that Manolo mentions comes in handy.

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  • ¿Todavía existe La Naranja Pelada? Avisame para poder irme a degustar un buen cevichito como los de antaño poray.

  • ale

    I’m not a big fan of the S/Ceviche but this one looks very tasty, Tapado on the other hand, that one a like it a lot. Anyways, on a different note, Rudy did you know that Escuintla, 100 years ago, was almost as beautiful as la Antigua as a colonial town?
    thanks for make us hungry.

  • that is a fish on the plate , right? does it still have the scales on?

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  • chachi

    Ay, desventurado patojo, como me pones esa foto alli…con un cevichito tan fuera de mi alcance!!! Se me hace agua la boca. Riquisismo.


    Mira, aqui en este site, estan pidiendo fotografos de comida en Miami, deberias mandar algunas muestras, si no para hora, para futuras oportunidades.

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  • Aldo Bonilla

    Rudy, Have you ever tried the famous seviche of Chito here at Zona 10?

    A few steps from the Salida of Los Próceres at 16 calle and Segunda Avenida, there’s a new stile seviche that I recommend.

    Thanks, this picture makes me urged to go there on weekend!!

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