Repairing the Cobblestreets of La Antigua Guatemala

Repairing the Cobblestreets of La Antigua Guatemala

The very next day that the former mayor of La Antigua Guatemala found out he was not reelected for a second term, he decided he was not going to do any more work for the ungrateful antigüeños. So, within weeks the cobblestone streets began to deteriorate at such a fast rate that within a month or two, driving around town felt like driving in the lunar surface (not that I have had the pleasure to visit the moon lately). Gone was the regular vista of the Cobblestone street worker repairing the streets. Many weeks and months went by since September 9th, 2007 and the streets were more like rivers of craters that one had to drive around whenever possible.

As the new mayor took office on January 15th, he launched a new campaign to rescue the streets for the lent celebrations which begin in February. Right now there are crews of cobblestone street workers almost everywhere and many streets are closed for repairs. Let’s hope they can meet their goal since Lent or Cuaresma in Spanish is approaching soon.

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  • Ale

    Rudy, I was very happy to read that the new mayor has begun repairs already. The streets had never been that bad ever! Thanks for the happy news.

  • Your reference to the lunar surface and listening to the radio too much will leave me all day with that song “Fly me to the moon”, if LAG is the moon, sign me up, beam me up Scottie!
    Don’t overdose on the steak tomorrow, ok Rudy?

  • Those streets appeared to me ancient and eternal; I didn’t realize they needed so much maintenance. Your photos are always beautiful, but I appreciate the video, Rudy, that’s a nice addition. It’s good to have the sounds to go with the sights.

  • John

    I’m glad that they are working on the streets. I hope they will also work on the sidewalks. 🙂

  • Cobblestreets! My computer sent the comment before I was done!!! 🙁 It’s like when you see a person making a speech and you hear the music starting. 😀 Anyway, to sump up what I was going to say (damn you Firefox!) is this: I noticed a lot of holes and felt more bumps in our journeys in and around LAG last time we were there. I am glad to hear the repairs have begun.

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