Copyright Infringement Sign

Copyright Infringement Sign

Signs: They come with all kinds messages; some with weird information too.

If you’ve been visiting La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo for a month or longer, you will know that the sign category gets a lot of attention from my viewfinder. You can browse the sign category to see 48 samples of the different signs capture thus far.

Obviously, the sign above and the Hippies use backdoor sign, from a couple of days ago, make great decoration for the hippie hole that is Café No Sé. It adds a sort of branding to the joint where you can drink Ilegal Mezcal, add salt and pepper to your Cuban burritos from a Venado Aguardiente Añejo bottle.

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  • When I was in Antigua, I bought a pirated CD from a teenage boy in the artisans’ market for something like 20Q. I didn’t know anything about the music; all I knew was that I had heard reggaeton for the first time in my life on the streets and buses in Guate, and I loved it, and wanted to bring some home. The kid recommended a CD of the latest hits, and nearly 2 years later I still listen to it. Next time I’m there, I plan to buy more from him, if he’s still there, and thank him for the music.
    As an aside, in spite of the unethical nature of pirating, that one pirated CD has introduced me to musicians from which I’ve gone on to buy several legitimate albums. So, in that sense, the musicians have benefited from that pirated CD.

  • I agree with Janna, similarly, downloading music can lead to buying music legally. On the other hand, sometimes I feel that younger ( 🙂 ) people don’t value buying CDs anymore, much less “legal” CDs.
    And then I have been wondering about the “mixed CD”, the heir of the “mixed tape”, when you give a “mixed CD” as a gift, are you infringing copyright?

  • lol 🙂

  • Janna, actually most artists do benefit from piracy since they need for people to know their work and to attend their concerts. The record labels are the ones who have trouble with pirated CDs. But, record companies as we know them are on the way out anyway… their business model is antiquated and does not benefit the art or the artists.

    Manolo, come on! you the law-abading citizen know better. You should read the entry Breakin’ the Law at Janna’s blog.

    Ann, me two. I am glad this sign made you laugh.

  • Well, athough i don’t support piracy, the copyright laws need a SIGNIFICANT reform.

    I have to say that many people don’t apreciate good, music anymore (cof, cof like reggaeton…) but, many music deserve the quality of a CD.

    There are a lot of great Creative Commons music out there… enjoy!