Hippie Hole in La Antigua Guatemala

Hippie Hole in La Antigua Guatemala

One by one all the houses in La Antigua Guatemala are becoming business like cafes, spanish schools, offices, travel agencies, folk-art stores, et-cetera. Above you see the corridor at Café No Sé, which was converted into a dining area by placing a few tables and chairs.

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  • Wow, I really want to go to this place! It looks great. I guess it didn’t exist the last time I was in Antigua.

  • It looks really homey…Well, its good people don’t need to buy expensive lots but make use of what they have. Great atmosphere of your shot!

  • Its good that people don’t need to buy expensive lots for their business…they make use of what they have…Great atmosphere in your photo. Fin de semana feliz.

  • Here they do the same thing. I like that!

  • What a great picture. I wish I had the technical/artistic vocabulary to praise such wonderful “take”. It is like being there… and the perspective, the light the colours. This house is so La Antigua and at the same time reminds me of some houses in the historical core of downtown Guate-City (aka La Nueva or from now on I will refer it as La 9) or even my great-grandma’s house in zona 8 of La 9.

  • Susan, I don’t if this place existed last time you were here. I know John since about 5 years and we visited Café No Sé since it opened its doors. When was the last time you visit LAG?

    Gizelle, I don’t think business owners can afford to buy the houses and buildings around LAG. Most of the businesses rent the spaces.

    María João, where is here?

    Manolo, honestly I don’t consider the photo above as good. On the other hand, remember I will try to take the photographs as if you were here… LAGDP is just a window you can open daily to see what is happening. I like LA9. 🙂