Café No Sé Façade in La Antigua Guatemala

Café No Sé Façade in La Antigua Guatemala

This is the façade of Café No Sé in La Antigua Guatemala, headquarters of the John Rexer‘s 1a avenida sur empire. His efforts to take control over the whole 1a avenida sur (1st Avenue South) are a little more humble than Pinky and The Brain Gutiérrez who want the whole world to convert to their tender, juicy and crunchy recipe of fried chicken. 😉

Now onto other subjects, did you know that last Wednesday, February 6th, was Ash Wednesday, the official beginning of Lent or Cuaresma as it’s known in La Antigua Guatemala.

Are you ready for 40 days of religious and cultural celebrations prior to the Holy Week?

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  • Mario

    I might be missing the point…BUT are John Rexer’s efforts to take control over the whole 1a avenida sur (1st Avenue South)a good thing or bad thing for La Antigua?

  • Mario, it all depends who you are and what your interests are. The same goes for the Pinky and The Brain Gutiérrez entry.

  • We also call the fasting as Cuaresma(Philippines) but I don’t observe it.

    The guy seem so happy coming from there…great morning colors! Buen dia!

  • sompopo

    I have a friend that lives in Houma Louisiana and as you know they celebrate Mardi Gras which I have had the pleasure to experience. The last day of festivities is called Fat Tuesday which of course always falls on Tuesday which is the day before lint or Ash Wensday.

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