What’s killing La Antigua Guatemala

What's killing La Antigua Guatemala

The cobblestone streets of La Antigua Guatemala were originally designed for horses and horse-carriages. So, it is no wonder that even light vehicles, like cars, create a lot of damage to the streets which, therefore, need constant repairing. Now you can imagine that huge and heavy trucks like the ones pictured above not only damage the streets, but the foundation of the houses and the city itself.

It is sad to see a city like La Antigua Guatemala go through a daily process not because its enchanting beauty, but because a living monument, patrimony to humanity, will for sure disappear. Does anyone care? you may ask yourself, like I do.

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  • And the heavy equipment is for harvesting the forests? I would guess that will cause a lot more harm than driving over the streets will. But I might be wrong about the forests being cut down. It seems like that is all we read about. It is a nice photograph as is all your photography.

  • Mario

    I wouldn’t be surprise if all those big heavy Holy floats (andas) during the Holy week processions plus the thousands of Holy feet from the thousands of Holy pedestrians have something to do with the conditions of the cobble stone streets!?! LOL. Holy cow Batman, that’s a lot of holy weight on those holy streets.

  • ale

    Places like Antigua should be for peatones” use only, reserve a few of the streets for vehicular traffic “for elders,people with disabilities and locals), and parking spaces and make people walk into the beauty of the city, it’s not that big after all.