Weekend Scene at Calle del Arco

Weekend Scene at Calle del Arco

The two blocks from the 5a avenida norte (5th North Avenue) that separate El Parque Central (Main Plaza) and the La Iglesia de La Merced (church) are known as the Calle del Arco (the Arch Street) and the weekends this strip becomes a pedestrian’s throughway. In my humble opinion, the whole city should turn the streets in pedestrian only walkways before it’s too late.

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  • Or as I call it “the centre of the universe”… I wish I could go browse the crafts market and then go for a calzone “panza verde” at Quesos y Vinos (if it is still open and is called that way)… And enjoy that gorgeous weather you are having. When I see you in the Summer remind me to plan my 2009 trip for February 😛

  • GregB

    I’ve been coming to Antigua for almost 25 years and I’m in the process of building a house just a few blocks from town. I really appreciate being able to walk to all the great restaurants, stores, and sights. I never bother with a car. I would love it if Antigua would at least close off the streets around central park for pedestrians only at all times.

  • Awww La Calle del Arco. It’s nice to walk there at any time, but it’s better when there are little to no pedestrians (before sunrise and with your camera in hand). After you can head for breakfast with a feeling of having had that part of LAG all to your self.
    Manolo: Quesos y Vino moved. The owners have a bigger place now. On Calle del Arco, head toward La Merced and once you get to the end of the street turn right and stay on your right hand side. Quesos y Vino is there now and the sight is truly breathtaking…you can choose to sit outside with the garden in sight, inside amongst old pictures and interesting artifacts, or in the hallway in the shade if you’re undecided. 😉

  • MaggieD

    Close off the streets YES YES YES!!! Cities in Spain do it, cities in Mexico do it, why not Antigua? 🙂 I am so envious of GregB – good luck with your house building!

  • Hey Rudy, Having been in Antigua last year, I can definetely agree with you, the city should find a place where cars are not allowed. this is such a great pedestrian town.

  • Tom Holley

    I agree too, close the streets in Antigua! Foot trafic would make Antigua much more beautiful. Hope to be in Antigua soon! Tom Holley

  • El Arco!! sabados a las 5 am, lo mejor, sin gente, solo vos con la escena colonial más hermosa de Guatemala…

  • Estoy deacuerdo con vos, gracias a malas decisiones, el lugar más importante para el turismo de Guatemala… no se ha cuidado muy bien… deverian cerrar el paso a vehiculos, y dejas por lo menos el area mas importante libre a los peatones…

  • Me gustó esta entrada. Posiblemente, tengas razón en cuanto a hacer que las calles sean peatonales.
    Muy buena y bella imagen.
    Saludos, Mariana C.