Garden Chickens for Patsy Poor

Garden Chickens or Gallinas del Paí­s

It was Patsy Poor who requested photos of Guatemala chickens. Well Patsy, you are served. These garden chickens are known locally as gallinas criollas (creole hens) or gallinas del paí­s (native hens) as opposed to the chicken grown in farms.

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  • Native chickens takes longer to cook but they taste way better than those that grew up in the farms…=) I like how they appear to behave in this photo…=D

  • This photo is great! I love garden chickens! We had 3 hens in our garden. Unfortunately, a cat got them…

  • What do these chickens do?

  • That is so different and interesting.
    I love their garden furniture! Where was it taken anyway? Is it a garden furniture centre?

  • A nice photograph of some chickens that look very much like those we see here where I live.

  • I love this one!!