Pirujos Locos of Roy.Com in Antigua

Pirujos Locos of Roy.Com in Antigua

Are pirujos and shucos sandwiches getting out of hand? Come on, who can eat a sandwich this big.

Just to clarify, the sandwich pirujo takes its name from the pirujo bread, which is a sort of elongated French roll. On the other hand, shucos is the name giving to the Guatemalan hotdog. Both sandwiches come with guacamol, yes without the ‘e’, a sauce made with avocados.

Follow the links for pirujos and shucos if you want to learn about these Guatemalan sandwiches, which you make at home, your home, if you know how. Right?

Domain name side note: Guatemalans find the spelling of domain names enchanting and they use them as the name for their companies even though they do not own or even plan to own the actual domain name. For instance, the sign above for an internet cafe has the logo of Roy dot com, which is not by any means the domain name for that cyber cafe.

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  • i don’t like the big sandwichers. they are called hogies here. all bread with some lettuce and tomato and lunch meats.

  • That is a HUUUUUGE sandwich! Big enough for at least 3 people 🙂

  • Another meaning?

    Doesn’t “shuco” also mean “dirty” in Guatemala? Perhaps it’s spelt differently…

  • Yes, indeed “shuco” means “dirty”. Someone might correct me, but hot-dogs started being called “shucos” in La Capital. There is a very popular and famous hot-dog stand across the street from my former school (Liceo Guatemala) where the term started being used. Street food has really bad rep in Guatemala and usually you can (could?) get sick pretty easily from eating such hot-dogs, unless you have already enough parasites to eat the new ones that you were ingesting. No different spelling… is maybe a warning.