Guatemalan Cuisine: Rellenitos

5 rellenitos y una taza de café

Rellenitos (little fillings) is the name given to a food made from plantain dough which is molded into a semi-round shaped and filled (thus the name) with a black beans sauce or stuffed with manjar (custard). It is a sweet meal and normally eaten as junk food or as dessert. It is one of my favorite Guatemalan desserts and I am sure I am not the only one with a soft spot for this kind of meal. Check out this close-up shot of rellenitos to see the black bean sauce filling.

This photo of rellenitos was requested by Carmen, back in December, as a response to the Traditional Guatemalan Christmas Food series. No, I did not take this long to take the photos of rellenitos; I emailed her the photos of rellenitos back in December, but I forgot to post it here.

© 2008 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Y dale con la tortura…gracias Rudy. En realidad se ven mas que apetecibles esos rellenitos.

    Por cierto, creo que es temporada de paternas, no se si las conoces, pero si conseguis, te recomiendo que despues de que te comas el algodon dulce, lavas las pepitas en agua (sin jabon) y las coces en agua con sal. Luego te las comes con limon y sal. Si no las encontras en la Antigua, baja a Escuintla, ya sea en la cabecera departamental, Siquinala o Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa las vas a encontrar. Valen la pena, te lo aseguro.

    Saludos y gracias por tus aportes.

  • it would made a nice breakfast this morning, i had similar instead of rellenitos i had a croissant.
    have a nice sunday Rudy!

  • *Standing ovation* Thank you for the rellenitos!!!
    I will pretend I can reach through this screen (Willy Wonka style–latest movie version), get that plate (and let’s not forget the coffee)and then as I admire the Armageddon weather from the balcony smile to myself because I… I will be able to taste heaven. *Sigh*
    I know I have said it before, but THANKS man, I/we appreciate these pictures.

  • Javier

    Just add some surgar and cream, and the rellenitos taste even better. Thanx Rudy

  • Herber

    Este es un acto de sadismo…. no hay que ser…

  • Looks delicious. I can’t imagine black bean sauce being sweet — but still looks good. 🙂

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  • Andrea Barrios

    Dios mio!! aveces digo pero por que???? por que sigo recibiendo aceptando esta hermosa tortura!!!! si no son imagenes de los lugares mas hermosos o de las esquinitas llenas de un encanto…son imagenes con esos platos exquisitos que en paises como Canada no se encuentran pero ni en los lugares mas caros!!! Gracias por llenarnos los dias de color, aromas y calentar un poquito el corazon con un pedazito de nuestra hermosa Guatemala!

  • MaggieD

    Yes, Rudy, you really do go ‘all out for us’ and we appreciate it – those of us who are “Antiqua starved – want to be there and aren’t.” Once again, thank you for your daily efforts!

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  • Mayra

    Oh boy, oh boy. I can taste them just by looking at this picture!! Thanks for keeping us connected to our traditions.