Bougainvillea-lined Road

Bougainvillea-lined Road

This is the kind of road the motorcycle riders arriving to La Antigua Guatemala may find. Even I would like to ride a Harley-Davidson chopper on this road… if it wasn’t for the other uncivilized drivers whom I would have to share the road with. I, like Woody Allen, don’t mind dying, I just don’t want to be there when it happens. 🙁

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  • your country is so beatiful, I eveny you!

  • That really is quite a delightful scene rudy.

    lol @ the bad drivers in your country. I can so relate! 🙂

  • Oh that luscious green… and that is the “dry” season, isn’t it? I saw a picture from someone who went to India with Bougainvilleas on them… it seemed like something taken in LAG, but no, it was Goa. Ah, and then there is this other issue, I think I am forgetting how do you spell bougainvillea in Spanish… another casualty of my self-imposed exile, in the tower of song where I am just paying my rent every day.

  • My dream house has bougainvilleas just as this house. It rests in or close to LAG. In our house, E is making a Guatemalan breakfast while I set the table and then as the smell of frijolitos and coffee invade the kitchen I go and let the sunshine in and I open the window to the patio where one can see even more bougainvilleas. Actually, we’ve done that, the cooking, resting, admiring the bougainvilleas, and just resting in LAG. We rented a place. It was one amazing experience. Thanks for this picture. 🙂