New Paint Job for the Holy Week

New Paint Job for the Holy Week

Well, like always, not everything is bad about the Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala. If you can obviate the crowds, the traffic, the massive processions, the gorgeous sawdust carpets, the thousands of paparazzi photographers, et-cetera, then you see the city benefits from a makeover through thousands of new paint jobs for façades, window crates, doorways, street repairs, and so on.

La Antigua Guatemala wants to look its best for the most important celebrations of the year: The Holy Week. Sometimes, it seems like all other celebrations throughout the year are simple after shakes of the Holy Week, which begins with Cuaresma (Lent). As you may already know, the Holy Week is celebrated in many places in the world, but very few celebrate with as much grandiloquence as La Antigua Guatemala. The Holy Week celebrations in La Antigua Guatemala is something you must experience for yourself at least once. As a matter of fact, The Holy Week celebrations in La Antigua Guatemala should be very high in the list of to-dos before one dies. All of us should have a list of things to do before dying, like the character Ann in the film My Life Without Me.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head down south where you can be free!

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  • MO

    Visiting La Antigua Guatemala during Semana Santa is already on my bucket list.

  • I hope my parents make it to LAG for Semana Santa. I have read it’s nearly impossible to go there for this time of year, but they are already there and my sibling is visiting so more power to them. Yep, from what I have read, LAG will be intense…it will probably be standing room only I bet. 😉

  • Pues even though I could cross LAG for SS on my to do list I really haven’t thought about starting a to do list. Although must of my SS in LAG ended up (or started at) San Felipe de Jesús and the Señor Sepultado on Good Friday. My dad had some sort of devotion towards that “avatar” of good ol’ JC… BTW… this year I will reach the age at which JC was crucified… I’ll stay away from nails and wooden sticks just to be on the safe side.
    Now I am like Carmen leaving this huge comment 😉 just kidding Carmencita… well, I do have to mention the pride I feel for Sarah Polley the actress that incarnates Ann in My Life Without Me. Sarah Polley was nominated for the Oscar for best direction for her Opera Prima “Away from her” which is just a Great Canadian Movie.

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  • Manolo: Congratulations! I’d like to start with a congratulatory statement as this monumental event warrants it. You are now a member of the Long Ass Comment Association (LACA not to be confused with TACA). 😉 You will be getting a pin and a one of those stickers you can put on your bumper or someone else’s bumper. Your choice. 😀 Welcome, you can now earn LACA points! 😉
    P.S.: I really need to see that film with E. “Away from her” was mentioned more than once as a movie one should watch for its content, artistic development, and stellar direction. “No Country for Old Men” was well received by some critics while others thought there was just too much gratuitous violence. I have not seen either so I do not know.
    P.S. #2: LAG. SS. JC. BTW.—- OMG! 😀

  • My mind is lately deep down in the gutter… I don’t think I will be able to put that sticker on anyone’s bumper… 😉 but if I do I might end up arrested.

  • I love this photo rudy. There is just something about it that’s just so simple and pretty and it just holds my attention for a little longer than the others.

  • Ann, thanks for the feedback. I am glad you like this picture.

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