Painting La Antigua Guatemala

Painting La Antigua Guatemala


Yet the title is correct, the technique it’s different than yesterday’s photo though. Honest, I have never liked this kind of paintings; costumbrista would be the category for this kind of painting, but I don’t know what term to use in English. Would you guys mind lending a translating term. Thanks!

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  • Alex Sanz

    Costumbrista = Costumbrism

  • ¡Así de fácil! Thanx Alex Sanz or ¿should I say Alejandro Sanz? 😉

  • MO

    I thought Alex Sanz was pulling your chain Rudy so I had to look the word:

    Costumbrism (costumbrismo in Spanish) is an artistic and literary genre popular in Latin America during the romantic movement in the 19th century. Costumbrist works focus on typical or picturesque regional customs. The novel María by Jorge Isaacs is one popular costumbrist novel.

  • Alex Sanz

    No, Rudy, Alex Sanz is my pseudonym.

  • coltrane_lives

    Rudy, wish I had this guy’s artistic abilities so I tip my hat. Just got back from LAG about 3 weeks ago. Miss it already and certainly wish I could’ve timed it better to have been treated to the jazz you covered a few days ago. Appreciate the listen. The Harley photos remind me of the motorcycle rally we have every summer up here in the Midwest in Sturgis, South Dakota. Amazing and crazy! Have a great weekend! Still enjoying the Gautemalan coffee we brought back with us.

  • Irving


  • I love this shot.. your tight crop works really well and the picture (I mean your picture) really tells the story

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  • Jennifer

    I have been searching the internet trying to find a way to purchase a watercolor painting like the one in this photo from Antigua. Do you have any ideas for me? I absolutely love the painting. Your photo of it captures the process perfectly. Thank you for this fantastic web stie!

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