Making Palm Sunday Arrangements

Making Palm Sunday Arrangements

Today’s Palm Sunday or Domingo de Ramos as today’s known in the Catholic Realm. Last year, Domingo de Ramos fell on April 1st and the photo of the day was the palm flower arrangements available in the La Antigua Guatemala’s market.

Today’s photo is very similar to last year’s, but this time the photo was captured in the atrium of San Francisco El Grande Church.

Today’s photo also marks the official beginning of the Holy Week or the Semana Santa. Stay tune we will be covering the big business of Semana Santa!

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  • its nice to be able to enjoy and share such colorful festivals

  • Raquel

    So what is the symbolism behind these flower arrangements?

  • coltrane_lives

    Creativity abounds in La Antigua. Thanks for sharing these colorful experiences of a typical day in the city leading up to Easter. BTW…the Roman soldiers’ photo was TOO MUCH! I needed a smile and you delivered.

  • So, Don Rudy! You decided to paint LAGDP with the colours of the season, eh? You know, as a child I use to hate (really hate) the smell of corozo (which is what the lady is using for the little “palm” arrangements. If I am not wrong those arrangements are part of the celebration of Palm Sunday which commemorates the triumphal entrance of JC into Jerusalem… just to be arrested and hung on the cross a few days later. But I am getting ahead of the story (as the Romans from the previous picture are).

  • I love that you share your stories along with your photos. I like this site very much, I’m learning something every day!