Gringos Making a Holy Week Carpet

Gringos Making a Holy Week Carpet in La Antigua Guatemala

Gringos are now an integral part of La Antigua Guatemala and therefore many of them participate of the preparations of the world famous alfombras de Semana Santa (Holy Week carpets) made from colorful sawdust, flowers, fruits, and anything the imagination allows.

From this shot, I particularly like the framing of the tourist with his backpack before he pulled his camera to shoot the making of the carpet. The background is the San Francisco El Grande Church, home to the remains of Santo Hermano Pedro de Betancourt (Guatemala’s only ‘Oficial’ Saint).

I hope you are enjoying the behind the scenes series of the Semana Santa in La Antigua Guatemala. Remember that you can visit my friends Nelo’s web site for an overview of huge processions.

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  • Love the energy and symetry of this photo. Super – your recent series. Your photos are always so fascinating – and the commentaries.

  • Good for them! Good for La Antigua Guate! There is nothing better than becoming part of the place that you call home, even if it was not where you left your belly button. Have a Good Good Friday or a Holy Holy Friday, but beyond that, may renewal knock at your door and you let it in.

  • Great photo Rudy, I was asking myself on how and if you where going to handle this years Holy Week. Just like last years photos you are outdoing yourself again. Thanx

  • lesley

    I was down in your city in November and saw examples of these when I visited the jade museum. Had a wonderful time! I wondered how they did it. Thank you for showing me. Very beautiful. 🙂

  • david

    Only antiguenos are an integral part of Antigua.