El Quinto Sol Entrance

El Quinto Sol Entrance

We continue our tour of the remains of the Holy Week by showing how flores de papel (paper flowers) are use to embellish windows and doorways around La Antigua Guatemala. Above, can see the entrance to the handicrafts and jewelry store El Quinto Sol.

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  • Thomas Wheeler

    I’m Thomas Wheeler Brother of Dennis Wheeler owner of the Dona Luisa Xicotencatl . Did you know this year they are celebrating their 30 th year in business in the Dona Luisa ? I just came back from there / I too have many photos from there. Look this place up It’s very well known around the Americas I’m a Amateur Radio operator and by the internet ran a Radio Station in Wisconsin via internet from the Dona Luisa Regards have a Good Day Thomas

    • Hi Thomas. I used to be friends with Andrew Wheeler your nephew. I’m from Antigua but now I live in California. I been living here for the past 23 years.

      Please say hello to Andrew when you see him and tell me to write me at this address:


  • coltrane_lives

    Paper flowers! Wow, had me fooled!

  • coltrane_lives: they are not paper flower per se; they are real flowers, but they are called paper flowers because the petals are so dry that they look like made from paper. 😉

  • Fantastic decorations, must take a while to put them together