Don’t Laugh At Me!

Don't Laugh At Me!

Wow, that’s what I call a ‘reading area’.

“… Nothing became Something. For many in the community this Something is the realization that their kids, who barely had touched a book, can read something because they like it. The biggest change we see it in the problematic children, those who can hardly stay put. We let them read laying down on a carpet, aloud or in silence, right-reading or backwards, or we give them audio books, and little by little they end up reading all of them…” —Kyle Passarelli (fragment freely translated from the article Biblioteca Caldo de Piedra as it appeared in Spanish in the latest issue of Revista Recrearte)

Whatever Kyle and Cassandra are doing, it is working and working just fine. I leave you with other shots taken at the Caldo de Piedra Library Project. I hope that you guys find a way to support this commendable initiative; even some kinds word will do.

Kackchikel Girls ReadingI need to learn about reptilesThree Kackchikel Boys Reading

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  • I would have chosen to sit with the panda as well. 😀 Hehehehe, I like the title of the book too–“No se rian de mi!” 😉 As far as Caldo de Piedra, this is truly a great name for the project because of the message/ moral of the story. If we are talking about the same story (and I think we are, it’s a classic) here is the link to the story in English (see ). Thanks Rudy. (((Saludos))) ^_^

  • The above URL is good, but I wanted to point out that Stone Soup is like Where the Wild Things Are, Curious George, and so on. They are classics. Let me give you another link, this the book I remember from my childhood, same cover, same everything. I later read the same story I had enjoyed as a kid to my students. Here is the link to Amazon so you can see the cover and design (See ) Okay, LACA member over and out. 😉

  • coltrane_lives

    Beautiful idea, beautiful post, beautiful kids…this is magical!

  • Raquel

    I remember that book! And also putting stones in my chicken soup the next day….
    Hahaha, oh dear…

  • Carmen, thanks for finding the English title of the Caldo de Piedra book.