Church of San Bartolo in La Antigua Guatemala

Church of San Bartolo, La Antigua Guatemala

The church of San Bartolo village has to be very new since its design is sober and simple, as opposed to the baroque architectonic style of Iglesia de La Merced. Don’t you think so?

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  • coltrane_lives

    Bears some resemblance to the Alamo Chapel in San Antonio, TX. It does look relatively new…or as if it has had a “rennovative face lift”…and I’m not talking BOTOX! 😉 Cool shot!

  • sompopo

    I was going to say the same thing as Coltrane. It does look like the Alamo. 🙂

  • Jerry T

    Yes, it does look somewhat like the Alamo, but since the Alamo was originally a Spanish Catholic Mission, there could be a reason for the similiarity. Interesting. There are many place in Texas that stronly bear the Spanish influence, especially in San Antonio, TX.

  • Lucky

    Few days ago this place was too crowded due to the Lent. Now and almost all the year, this church is closed. I’ve tried to visit it at any time, but always I’ve found closed. It is sad, because for me and my friends this place it’s a memorable one, we like Jesus de la Caída. Rudy, do you know when San Bartolo is opened?