Guatemalan Fresh Fruit Snacks

Guatemalan Fresh Fruit Snacks

Since you guys are having the cravings for Guatemalan fresh fruit snacks, I decided to show you the current options. All you need to add is pepitoria molida (ground pumpkin seeds), salt, lemon juice and ground chili peppers (cobanero, that’s what we have today). I believe Mario (MO) described the eating process of fresh fruit from a plastic bag pretty well… he really made my mouth water by his description; I had to have seconds. 😉

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  • Cind

    When I came home from living in Nicaragua for 2 years, I put salt and lime on all my fruit! Folks thought me nuts, but hey.. she lived there and..I converted quite a few however. Great photo as always!

  • It all looks delicious and makes me hungry for the tastes.

  • I love getting mangos in Guate with paprika and lime. Pineapple with salt and chili is gorgeous as well.