Tortilla Making Lessons for Manolo

Making Guatemalan Tortillas

Since Manolo needs to improve his tortilla making skills, I am posting this image to help him in the process. Even Carmen may benefit from these lessons! 😉

Bohemian Literary Side Note:
Since I talking about Manolo, might as well invite him for a bohemian night with the writers that will appear in the 17:30 hrs activity by the name of Diálogo sobre Literatura Centroamericana Contemporánea as shown in the activity program below. For those who can read Spanish you can click the thumbnail below to see an enlarge version of the activity program for the Dí­a Internacional del Libro y los Derechos de Autor (International Book Day and Copyrights).

It looks like today will be a very busy day and night with a heavy workload, literature, writers, friends, bohemian talks, mixtas (both kinds!) and book buying. If Manolo and Carmen can make on time, it will be my pleasure to invite them both the first round of mixtas. Oh how I wish you were here! 😉

Celebrando el Dí­a Internacional del Libro y los Derechos de Autor

Like always click the thumbnail to see an enlarge version.

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  • These women are so skillful and work both artfully and fast!

  • I appreciate this lesson (would YOU give me a lesson on how YOU make your tortillas when I visit you in July?) and your concern about my wandering away from my national identity. I (seriously) appreciate it a lot Rudy.

    With the risk of sounding to “self-promoting” for promoting one of my dearest friends and who will be participating in this event that I will miss for a couple of months (Rudy, do you know how this is called: “dar carita” and don’t try to go all Pink Floyd on us). My soul brother Ronald Flores is launching this month the translation of his Opera Prima: “Ultimo Silencio” which is being published in English by Aflame books under the title “Final Silence” you can pre-ordered or buy it after May at

    ’nuff said.

  • Jerry T

    Mmmmmm…Tortillas are one of my favorite things ever. I sure wish I had some of these for breakfast right now. Real, handmade tortillas cannot be beat!

  • Awww. Hand made tortillas. We do not have those here. 🙁 Thanks for the tortilla making lessons though, E will be especially happy seeing as how he tells me, “No vayas a quemar las tortillas amorcito.” 😉 In regards to the Saturday event, thanks for the invite and the info. I thought back to my childhood, I relished adding books to my collection, I especially remember
    Barbuchin. Manolo: Congratulations to Ronald. I do not think it’s “self-promoting” since you are not talking about yourself and even if you were, sharing good news is always a good idea. We are amongst friends here. In fact, we’re like siblings. We can bug each other, but we stick together.:-)

  • Sally

    That looks like a very physical activity!
    Thanks for visiting on my Blogbirth-day!
    Sydney Daily Photo

  • I always get very hungry visiting your blog. So many tasty treats, and always so very rich in colour. You can almost smell it therough your photos!

    Thanks very much for sharing them!

  • Claudia

    we used to buy masa all the time and try to do it ourselves @ home – never got the same results though, not even close.

  • Buena onda mano el sábado en Antigua, ahora entiendo porque hacés sufrir a la mara en el más allá, con fotos de mixtas!!! Salud pues, y llegue el abrazo

  • Awesome picture.

  • coltrane_lives

    Some of the best tortillas I’ve ever had were in Guatemala…simply amazing!

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  • Julio, el gusto fue mío. Espero que podamos coincidir en algún proyecto como el de los Libros Mínimos. Saludos y abrazos, pues.