Guatemalan Cuisine: Mixtas

Guatemalan Cuisine: Mixtas

Guatemalan mixtas (mixed) are basically hot dogs which come with tortillas instead of a bun. Simple and great tasting. There are other kind of mixtas (which really just means mixed) like beers, like ceviches, et-cetera. You get the point, right.

With this very simple dish we close yet another mini Guatemalan food series. Now you can bring back the scale. 😉

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  • sompopo

    Now thats a take on a hot dog I have never seen before but you can bet I would eat it. :-)

  • Manolo

    I have forgotten the “repollo” (sauerkraut) which is a fundamental part of the essence of this kind of “mixta”. Again, the German influence is amazing.

  • MO

    That mixta looks preeety good. The mixtas have evolved since I had one. The local bar/restaurant where I used to live would server them on a tortilla with guacamole and a hotdog cut in half (long way) grilled. No sauerkraut, mustard, catsup and definitely not a boiled hot dog. Maybe that’s the only way Chito the cook knew how to make them.

  • Edgar Carias

    Sin ánimo de “hacer comerciales” como dicen los críticos de tu honorable bitácora, ¿donde se come una buena mixta en la Antigua?


    No que nos importe lo que comenten los críticos pues…al final, es TU bitácora y al que no le guste, que se dé la media vuelta…

  • javier

    Boy! Oh! Boy!!! You should have seen my wife’s expression when my family and I told her about the mixtas, she couldn’t believe it. Now she is a convert “Long Live the Mixtas!!”

  • Rudy

    Edgar, as a true antigüeño you should know about “La Casa de las Mixtas” and “La Perrada”, the best place to eat shucos and mixtas. That’s where we will be going next time you come to LAG.

  • Claudia

    La Perrada? hee hee – sounds like a reggaeton song.

  • chachi

    Grrrrrrrrr!!! You always do the same!!!! What a delicious mixta of my dreams….hahahaha.

  • Edgar Carias

    Nel vos Rudy, cuando yo sali de la Antigua, como diria un “amigo”, acababan de trasladar la capital al Valle de Asuncion y ni la “Casa de las Mixtas” ni “La Perrada” existian. Esa explosion de restaurantes se dio a partir de los 90’s.

    Yo siempre comi mixtas en el “Frankfurt” de la 6a avenida, pa’ que te des cuenta. Hoy por hoy, ni ese lugar existe ya. 😉

    Chas gracias! Seguro que ahi nos vamos a ir por unas mixtas son sus respectivas bebidas para curar todo efecto secundario.

  • coltrane_lives

    Now that’s one mean looking hotdog! I’d definitely give it a go, but I’m afraid the futbol match inside my stomach might chase away a few of my friends and family members. Nevertheless, the “mixta” is something I thought I invented, especially when I’m hungrily digging through my frig late at night “mixing” the leftovers on my platter in a jambalaya sandwich of sorts. :-)

  • Pam

    Pero no hay como los shucos que venden en la capital, en especial las carretillas hambulantes como la que esta cercan del centro comercial de la zona 4? todavia existe eso verdad?//?

  • daniel chang

    Donde tomaste esta foto? no recuerdo cuando fue la ultima vez que probe una de estas verdaderas delicadezas (aunque sea con carne de chucho sarnoso, gato o “whatever”).
    lo mejor que he probado está en la Perrada y en los Shucos del Liceo. !Salud!

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  • Hugo Cifuentes

    Yo solo recordaba Frankfurt, las mejores, las de mi memoria.. las unicas.. que? ya no existe ese lugar??

  • shay

    mixtas, my tia makes them whenever i want them. Delicious!

  • juan v

    que rica nuestra comida chapina

  • Zuleika

    Pues yo voy hacer unas mixtas para la cena. Mi marido es canadiense y le entra a todo lo que le cocino. Que ganas de ir a Guate tengo!!! Y esos shucos no existian la ultima vez que fui alla.

  • Luisraboscan

    i must agree with angelicappalma, what the heck are you doing looking at guatemalan food when it’s delicious and really tasty. wonder what’s the food like in your country … where is it that you come from?

  • Nombre Pendiente

    Mixtas Frankfurt ; son las mej0res!!

    • Rudy

      ¿Todavía existe Frankfurt, dónde queda?

      Sent from my iPad

      • Eeas

        asi es! , en el centro comercial plaza tivoli.. sobre la 6ta avenida de la zona 9!

        • Rudy

          Gracias… me pasaré a dar una vuelta la próxima vez que vaya a Guate.

  • Heberhi

     los shucos del liceo y los de la U, son los mejores, se los recomiendo.

  • onlyme356

    I first had Mixtas years ago when my mom made them for us and at first I thought she had just made something up, but she called them mixtas. I still thought it was shady, but man they were so good. Funny cause my mom is originally from La Antigua so to see people talking about it, I never realized this was was from there. All I have to say is don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. It’s easy to make and very delicious, way better than a traditional hot dog. Tastes so good with the guacamole and cabbage. (Boil the cabbage with a little salt) its easy to make. And most Chapines eat their hot dogs with mayo and ketchup, I always thought this was the norm till my friends thought I was weird for adding mayo. lol, you can just put a little mayo and ketchup, I suggest people try it. But for sure you need the guacamole otherwise it’s bust.

  • Rob Los Angeles CA

    Guatemalan food is delicious!!!!

    • Rudy

      Hi Rob, I am glad you like it. What have you tried?