Big Guatemalan Smile

Big Guatemalan Smile

Can you guess what’s in the big bag?

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  • Is it sugar?
    I like the textile of the woman’s shirt. I often see scarves made with the same weaving type from Guatemala, but never whole garments.

  • Really a nice looking photograph of a happy people at work.

  • Jerry B

    Yum, pepitoria! Tasty on green mangos! That woman has some teeth, huh? 😀

  • Claudia


  • Thanks for this picture Rudy, another example of your abilities to tele-transport us in time and space. Beam us up Scotty!

  • ale

    pepitoria, with oranges and some salt, great stuff.

  • coltrane_lives

    Beautiful in all aspects. Gracias!

  • Jerry T

    My guess would be corn. I wish I was there to go to the Farmers Fair.

  • Lucrecia Cordon


  • Pepita!!! Riquisimo.

    100% guatemalan smiles.

  • Eclipsedeluna

    Pepitoria con pepino, limon y chile coban!! 🙂

    los pepinos amarillos pelados y los abrian de una punta le sacaban las pepitas y los llenaban de limon, pepitoria y chile! yum!!! esa era la mejor refaccion al salir del colegio!! 🙂