Yearning for a Better Future!

Yearning for a Better Future!

Don’t we all? ¡Sí­ se puede! (Yes we can!) 😉

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  • Claudia

    Ironically, my father & I were just on that very topic yesterday . . .

  • You inspire me so much Rudy… I also have high hopes for Guate and you completely nailed it: The basic change of attitude is to say to oneself SI SE PUEDE the rest will come naturally.

  • Such a natural photo — moving.

  • Giu

    ..claro que se puede !

  • coltrane_lives

    As a full time high school teacher, I’m always considering career options…I mean eBay can take one only so far. 😉 BTW…I find the ad of the anglo-woman in bathing suit quite an amusing juxtoposition to the tired-looking worker behind the bars.

  • coltrane_lives

    …”juxtaposition” (that is)

  • Rudy!
    Felicidades y enhorabuena (un poco tarde) por ese tercer aniversario!! me parece increíble que aunsigas dando lo mejor de tus fotos de forma diaria. Qué gran trabajo!
    A mí me gusta mucho esta foto, aunque no sé muy bien qué piensa el chico, con la mirada perdida? o mirando qué está pasando por allí.
    En fin, un saludo desde Madrid. Hacía mucho que no pasaba por aquí, y ha sido todo un gustazo! ciao! 😉

  • Excelente foto maestro!

  • Marco

    Hola Rudy y todos los visitantes a este blog de fotos tan interesante y afectuoso de uno de los lugares mas bellos del mundo, en todos los aspectos. Por su cultura, su gente, sus paisajes, architectura y idiosyncrosidades (is that a word in Spanish?) haha. I haven’t been by in a while and Rudy I am not sure you remember me, but we met on my first trip back to Guatemala back in May of 2007. I don’t know what this guy was observing threw those iron bars, but it struck me as if it was something unreachable or unattainable for him at the time. Couldn’t help thinking of a recent movie I saw at a film festival here in NY, it was called “La otra casa:seccion VIP” algo asi, it was one of the few Guatemalan movies out there. It’s about life in a prison in Guatemala. Although life is beautiful in Antigua, it seems that the growing violence and crime especially in the city, is somewhat discouraging. I hope that things change for the better, Claro que SI SE PUEDE! I will be returning to Guatemala in June. Hope we can meet for a Moza and some good Guatemalan food and continue to explore the things that make up our roots and culture.

  • Claudia, we are all synchronized, I guess.

    Manolo, likewise Manolo, likewise.

    Lessie, I really appreciate all your unselfish feedback… you are awesome.

    Giu, thanks for visiting again… I am always happy to see you around. I promise I will make sometime to visit TruxilloDP soon.

    Coltrane_lives, I am glad you do read the secondary messages behind the photos.

    Dsole, boy I am so glad to see Giu and Dsole again… I am so lucky to still be on your radar. Nice photographic work you have on your other blog.

    JP Dardón, se agradece la visita y el comentario maestro, usté.

    Marco, I already made the reservations for June and they will have a cubeta of Mozas for us. Please, make sure you bring me a copy of The Long Night of White Chickens.

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