Luck, Prosperity and Abundance Owls

Luck, Prosperity and Abundance Owls

From blue birds, to quetzals to owls; we are on a bird streak.

According to Damara, in Guatemala, owls or tecolotes represent luck, prosperity and abundance, especially with money and that is why ceramic artisans use owls as piggy banks. If you get an owl bank, you will have prosperity with income and savings. Boy oh boy, if I was the president of Guatemala, I would make all the alfareros (ceramic artisans) produce nothing but owl banks… perhaps then, the luck of this tiny banana republic would change for good. 🙁

With today’s photo I have published four (4) photographs with owls in La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo. To the fist person that can find all four and list their published dates and titles, I will send s/he these four post cards of owls so her luck can change as well. I wish owl luck to all of you in your search.

Let the game begin!

Black Bird Side Note: On a totally different note or tune, can you tell me what was the meaning of the Beatle’s song Black Bird. Hint, it was written by John Lennon Paul McCartney.

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  • Rudy,

    I never miss your daily photos. They are wonderful and continue to draw us in. Thank you. Here is the list of the 4-photos.

    Doña María Gordillo Candy Store
    Posted in Food & Drinks, People | Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

    Luck, Prosperity and Abundance Owls
    Posted in Art & Folkart | Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

    Antigua’s Owl Banks
    Posted in Art & Folkart, Details | Monday, October 16th, 2006

    Rusted Owl
    Posted in Art & Folkart, Details | Friday, February 16th, 2007

  • I don’t know what it was really about, but I know that Charles Manson believed it to be a secret trigger for a race war in the US! Yes, he was quite insane.

    I love the owls, by the way.

  • sompopo

    I think Paul McCartney/John Lennon wrote this about the civil rights struggle.

  • sompopo

    Including todays post I could ony find three other post with pictures of owls in them.

    Mon Oct 16 2006
    Tues Oct 17 2006
    Fri Feb 16 2007

  • sompopo

    Shoot,I forgot the titles.

    Luck, Prosperity and Abundance Owls-Tues May 6 2008
    Antiguas Owl Banks-Mon Oct 16 2006
    Dona Maria Gordillo Candy Store-Tues Oct 17 2006
    Rusted Owl-Fri Feb 16 2007

  • It looks like we have a winner… Terri, please, send your mailing address through the Contact the author form.

    Sompopo, good try on both queries… I will send you something with la cuñada, okay. Black Bird was about John Lennon’s first wife and his divorce from her.

  • I know someone has already mentioned this, but according to Wikipedia:

    “Blackbird” is a Beatles song from double-disc album The Beatles (also known as The White Album). Blackbird was written by Paul McCartney, who was inspired to write this while in Scotland as a reaction to racial tensions escalating in America in the spring of 1968.[

  • Luis Samayoa


    In 1989 a book was published titled,”Beatlesongs”. Under the song Blackbird it states it was McCartney inspired while reading a newspaper account of U.S. race riots in mid-1968 and wrote this song as a metaphor of the struggle for the black civil rights. But Lennon takes credit for one line in the song. It was recorded June 11th, 1968 at Abbey Road. There was no mention of the song being called “Sparrow”.

    Just my two cents.

  • sompopo

    Luis S. Everything I have researched about the song says the same thing.Even Wikipedia refers to the civil rights struggle as the basis for the song.

  • Well, I guess Sompopo de mayo, Korey and Luis Samayoa are correct in regards to The Beatles’ song Black Bird. My information came from a documentary in which it was stated that JL wrote the song to his first wife from whom he wanted to divorce to marry Yoko Ono. I guess you can not trust everything you see on TV. From now on I only going to believe stuff I see on the WEB. 😉

  • Your idea of making just owls banks for prosperity would be great.. better in the actual economic situation!!
    Do you remember that I was searching about owls? guees what?! I made my artisan design proyect of these birds!! (Im an industrial designer) I worked with an wood artisan in Angitua, and we made a wooden serving boards collection… to attract this prosperity at home! I would like to share some pics with you 🙂 Cheers!

  • Damara, I sure would like to see your pictures.

  • Hi Rudy! Thanks for your reply!! 😀 I already uploaded my pictures in my blog: I’ll wait foy your comments.. and thanks for your time 🙂

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