Façade of Cathedral of La Antigua Guatemala

Façade of Cathedral of La Antigua Guatemala

The Cathedral of La Antigua Guatemala is used often as backdrop for musical recitals and events. Here we can see some workers setting up the stage for a concert.

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  • I bet you will be reporting about the concert… wish I was there and then.

  • sompopo

    The architecture is just awesome. I take it that the rest of the building no longer exist?

  • Manolo, nel vos, lamento decirte que no pude quedar al concierto. “Así es la vida, de caprichosa…”

    Sompopo, actually the Cathedral still standing, the back of the cathedral are now ruins and museum. When you finally decide to take your backpacker trip to Guatemala, make sure you enter these ruins. 😉

  • This is amazing. I love the angle and the darkish blue background — just makes the church pop. Lovely.

  • Have you thought of selling prints? They were talking about it here…
    and it just occurred to me that yours are so worthy, too.