Old-looking Wood and Metal Door in La Antigua Guatemala

Old-looking Wood and Metal Door in La Antigua Guatemala

Often enough, I come across a door that just makes me stop, open my backpack and pull out the camera to capture its beauty. I have to admit I have failed at capturing the belleza of today’s entry doorway. Sorry! 🙁

I started capturing doors and windows from the very beginning of La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo, but it was until MarieMcC, from Doorways Around the World, showed me how attractive, gorgeous, impressive, lovely, charming and exquisite door and doorways can be that I began photographing them around Antigua more consciously. I am glad she opened my doors! 😉

Do you think photographing doors and windows could be considered a fetish?

By the way, today was the first day of the rainy season 2008. With the rain, a different approach is required and photo-ops get to one’s feet.

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  • Oh the amount of ink (or pixels) that can be used to talk about windows and doors and their symbolism. Are you looking for “a way out”? or trying to “get in”? At the end there were no windows and there was only one tunnel… mine.

  • Luis Samayoa

    Rudy, I remember that the first rain used to bring “zompopos de mayo”. People here in the States does not believe that in Guatemala we have these large flying ants. Could you take a picture and post it. Thanks,

  • MO

    Do I think photographing doors and windows could be considered a fetish? Absolutely YES. I understand your fetish Rudy…if indeed it’s a fetish of yours. I know it’s one of mine. When I was in La Antigua back in 2003 I must have taken over 200 pictures of doors, windows, door knobs, door knockers, timbres, door signs, plaques and anything else that was bolted or nailed to the doors. Some of them came out very nice I have to admit. The door you posted today is a very nice looking “old-looking” door.
    The doors I remembered being very nice and I don’t know if they were from colonial times (they looked aged….legit) were the ones in the hotel La Posada De Don Rodrigo. I remember these door did not have chapas but instead a big candado over wrought iron hoops.

  • Manolo, take it easy man, you are losing us with all your psychological talk. We simply humans here, you know.

    Luis, there is a photo of a sompopo published here already… let see if you can find it! 😉

    MO, so I guess some of us suffer the same pathological conditions (man, now I am talking like Manolo).