Guatemalan Cuisine: Atolillo

Guatemalan Cuisine: Atolillo

I am sure many Guatemalans have not had atolillo yet! If you have had atolillo before, please come forward.

Atolillo is made from baby corn, cinnamon, corn starch, milk and sugar. Atolillo is pure white and sweet. The flavour is sweet and delicate with a little punch due to the cinnamon… you have to try it!

Can you guess which way we are going to go tomorrow?

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  • Nope, haven’t had it. I have been following these series from distance, but enjoying the atoles none the less. (Notice atoles is the plural of atol, not of atole ;-)). What about INCAPARINA (I am always proud of INCAPARINA). Ah, and the series reminded me of the different drinks from Nicaragua too, like pinol, pinolillo, etc. Have you had any of those?

  • MO

    Manolo, I remember drinking INCAPARINA in grade school. What the hell was incaparina anyway?

    By the way, I called my mother and told her I was coming over her house on Sunday for morning refaccion. There was a few seconds of awkard silence and a few “mira mijito” before she quickly changed the subject.

  • Claudia

    I went to a pre-school and we were given mugs of hot incaparina, though to be honest I never liked it, the kitchen lady was a real meanie and would make sure all the cups came back empty. Not to worry, there were always willing participants with which I could switch my full mug and trade for their empty mug so they would have seconds. That was such a source of stress, everyday I remember thinking, will she catch me today?

  • Mmmm! Looks good! Nice to drink for breakfast I think.

  • que paso con el atol de elote? Have you been hanging out in San Marcos?

  • MO

    INCAPARINA: A number of protein-rich dietary supplements developed by the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP), based on cottonseed flour, or soya and vegetables, with various nutrient supplements.

  • Yessss, love it! This and Atol De Elote are my favorite. I also used to have a few cups of Mosh (I think it’s just watered down oatmeal with canela ) every day, even when I came to the US.