The Violinist’s Favorite Song

Portrait of a Violinist

Ranchero music is for Latin America what the Blues is for the U.S.: music with just enough texture and color to express a wide range of emotions. Above, we can catch a glimpse of the ranchero music violinist in a break from the cantinas tour around La Antigua Guatemala.

What kind of story can you extract from this old man’s stare?

Tiny clip of the violinist’s favorite song:

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  • Erika

    Hi, I just want to say that I really enjoy watching all these pictures from my country, some really make me nostalgic, it’s been almost 8 years since I’ve been back. Please continue with this photoblog.

    BTW- this guy anda en cruda…

  • Wonderful character study of a face which could share a lot with the world. However, I suspect his main form or expression is music.

    Denton from Greenville and the Daily Photo Map.

  • MO

    This cat looks happy. This man is a luchador. Lives one day at a time. Este cuate es adivino y curandero, buen amigo y mujeriego, es del fuego y del trueno, es del barrio y guerrero este cuate es super Chango. Como se la pintan la borra como se la ponen la brinca. Porque puede viene y no viene à ver si puede.

    ~Manu Chao – Super Chango.

  • For some reason the ambiance of the place, the violinist, the audience made me think of “El brindis del bohemio”… wrong time of the year, I know. His stare (English word that doesn’t even start describing what “mirada” or “regard” express) tells stories of mestizaje, of long nights without sleep, some of them alone, some of them not that much.
    They remind me of a song that says:

    Le temps passe et un jour on est vieux
    Et puis seul et rien ne reste plus que la fierté
    d’avoir aimer correctement ou la honte
    et les tourments de ne pas avoir compris à temps

    Time passes and one day we are old
    and even alone and nothing is left but the pride
    of having loved correctly or the shame
    and the torments of not having understood at the right time

    From Ballade à Toronto – by Jean Leloup

  • What a beautiful photo! In the two years that I have been posting I have to say this is by far one of my favorite photos.

  • Claudia

    I like how he is playing & holding on to his cigarrette @ the same time, I also know that song he was playing. . . Maria Bonita, no?

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  • Briana

    I was in Guatemala in March and this guy sang to us when we were out to eat.

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