The Creator and his Angels

The Creator and his Angels

Why do creators always look down upon their creations?

© 2008 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Pintor que pintas iglesias… píntame angelitos negros

  • Rudy, I bought some angels from this guy, when I went to Antigua last year. I loved the little angels he was selling.

  • Lucky

    Congrats for the pics in black and white, new style eh! They are great.

  • MO

    Rudy, very nice shots. Love the B&W look. Did you do any cropping to the last few pictures posted here? Just wondering if you had the FULL picture of the violinist available.

  • To answer your question: “Perhaps, so the creations can look up to their creator.” Love the philosophical musing, Rudy, and these recent photos of artists are amazing!

  • John

    Once again great thought provoking photos. B&W works well for these. I am happy to see the angels are looking out for or to us and not spending all their time looking up to their creator.

  • You’re KILLING me. I may just fall in love with black and white afterall. Super super photo. Were you laying on your stomach? I think you could sell prints of this (and many others).

  • Claudia

    que tambien se van al cielo todos los negritos buenos. 🙂

  • Mo, the violinist appeared just like the photo was taken.

    By the way, good opportunity to let you guys know that I do not crop the images at all or do any editing other than white balancing the images. However, I do take many shots of given subject so I can have at least one good shot. Even though I do have a lot of experience doing photo retouching and tricks in Photoshop (that’s my profession, you know), I do not have a lot of time to dedicate to retouching a DAILY PHOTO for the web site. 🙁

  • Jerry B

    I like this photo, Rudy. And I’m also liking the b&w, keep it up. I’ve been having fun with the black and white as well, with a few photos from my recent trip there.