Chapin Hippie Strolling in Antigua’s Central Park

Present-day Guatemalan Hippie

As you can see, hippies come in all flavors nowadays. You could say that La Antigua Guatemala and Lake Atitlán are hippie paradises. In general, Guatemala is a country that welcomes the hippies.

LAGDP’s Entry Published by elPeriódico Side Note: As it turns out, thanks to Michelle Garzaro, editor of elPeriódico‘s Sunday supplement miPeriódico, the entry Myths and Facts about the Guatemalan Sompopo Ant was translated into Spanish and published on Sunday, June 1st, 2008. I leave you the newspaper’s clip below, in case you want to read or see it. Like always, you click the thumbnail to view an enlarge version. elPeriódico is one of my favorite Guatemalan newspapers.

LAGDP's entry on Sompopos published by miPerió

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  • stephanie lozano

    yummy….. yummy…rasta

  • sompopo

    I love the pants. Man, I miss those days.


  • I just love your blog and your photos. I miss Antigua everyday!

  • And what about all that bunch of wasted “hippies” walking around Antigua’s streets. Hope authorities do something about that, but they are also another atraction for another type of crowd. Always good pictures on your blog.

  • This picture made me laugh out loud, it’s nearly the same shot as yesterday, only with a different hippie. Jeje.. yikes 🙂