Loving Couple in Antigua’s Central Park

Loving Couple in Antigua's Central Park

The indigenous people of Guatemala rarely show their love in public; affection yes, but kissing kind of love, very seldom. Perhaps, this reservation is another aspect of the Guatemalan identity.

What do you guys think?

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  • Ellen

    When my 6 year old son and I were in La Antigua in March I noticed this sort of smooching all over the central park. Primarily teenagers/young adults. My son was kind of grossed out by it all!

    Like you said in a recent post, the indigenous ways are fading away. Very sad but I guess it’s happening all over the world.

    Thanks so much for your work on this site. I really look forward to looking at your emails each day.

  • Rudy, you are right. It is a rare site to see Indigenous couples kissing in public. Ladinos, however can really start “getting it on” in public. Especially high school students.

  • Thanks for reminding me about Flan Antrgueño. I had forgotten about them and had lunch there yesterday. The hamburgeso combo 2 costs less that Burger King and comes with a large glass of beer. I had a “mixta”. Maybe off to La Fuente today!

  • Ebony

    Wow, that is the first time I have ever seen that. Great capture of a rare moment! I lived in la capital for seven and a half months and taught English in San Cristobal Zona 8 de Mixco. I loved visiting Antigua. I love it’s international feel and all of the old ruins mixed in with the new. I just love it. Your blog is great and it makes me feel nostalgia for Guatmala. I have been home now in the states for almost a year and I can’t stop thinking about Guatemala. There are so many blaring contrasts….the ugly and the beautiful. I witnessed both daily. I am yearning to come back. Keep up the good work.

  • Monica Palomo

    I don’t know Rudy and Santiago, I have to say I have seen quite a few indigenas kissing like that… Say a park in Chichicastenango… The Ruinas de Tecpan… or even San Juan del Obispo, despite the fact San Juan is a smaller community. Usually on a Sunday afternoon. I am sure I have seen it, maybe not as often as the highschool students at the Parque Central, but I’ve seen it a few times 😉 Still, I agree Guatemalans have a different kind of “PDA”.
    Thanks for sharing again Rudy…I open this photos everyday at around noon… 🙂

  • Arresting photo. I love the green above them. The space between them and the photographer. The placement of their arms and hands. The pic seems voyoueristic — and yet loving and sweet. Even sentimental and maybe innocent. I might crop a bit from the right — to put them in a more secluded area. Course, that might cut off the tree in an unpleasant way. Can you tell I love this photo? Sigh. To be in love…

  • It makes me a little uncomfortable, but I am aware that it is my problem and shouldn’t stop people from showing affection in public. As long as the clothes stay on, that is! 🙂

  • MaggieD

    RE: Repetition: this one should be submitted to a photography contest somewhere! Excellent! Feelings evoked? Makes me want to grab my pencils and sketching paper (the highest compliment from an artist to a photographer)!

  • LD

    I feel like I have seen several Indigenous couples such as this one getting it on in public. I remember being surprised when I first saw it. But it does happen. And the park is a popular spot. Or there’s always the doorway make-out. It was explained to me as– well, they’re not allowed to go into one of their houses and kiss so they choose a public place instead.

    In Xela, every afternoon I used to pass a couple standing in the doorway of what was I believe the young woman’s place. 5pm, never fail, they were always there locking lips. Here in Canada, most people are more reserved than that, though I’d say it’s a different story in Quebec… you know the French and their French kissing 🙂

  • i was momentarily surprised at the pic and actually thought this kind of public affection is quite common in Guatemala, but when i read the accompanying lines i understood this is becoming a new culture like in India.
    being indigenous or conservative (like the others wud like to call this side) is close to the heart i guess across the world …. 🙂