Last-minute Repairs of San Pedro Apostol Church

Last-minute Repairs of San Pedro Apostol Church

This is how the inside of the San Pedro Apostol Church looked like last night as the last repairs were being done. As you can see, the whole church received a paint job, including the terra cotta floor tiles. Today, the whole town of San Pedro Las Huertas is having a party… as a matter of fact, I can hear the sounds of the town fair and firecrackers in the background as I write this line.

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  • Do you think (have any intuitions) about the relationship between the celebrations of San Pedro Apostol and Summer solstice? I always wonder about sincretism and of super-position of Catholic rituals on non-Christian celebrations.

  • Gina

    As always your photos capture the beauty and charm of Guatemala.
    We will definitely visit this restored church when we are in Antigua
    later this summer.

  • You mean San Juan Apostol which is the Summer saint, right? Are you forgetting your clases de catequismo?