San Juan de Dios Colonial Hospital Ruins

San Juan de Dios Colonial Hospital Ruins

Very little remains from the Hospital Real de Santiago, also known as Hospital San Juan de Dios because it was under the administration of the San Juan de Dios brotherhood. This hospital was the sixth house built in Santiago de Guatemala, now La Antigua Guatemala. The Hospital Real de Santiago was built by Bishop Francisco Marroquí­n in 1553 to served the Spaniards and Criollos (Spaniards born in Colonial América).

The remaining ruins of Hospital Real de Santiago or San Juan de Dios can be found on the corner of 3a calle oriente and 2a avenida norte.

Information source: dates and names taken from a recent article about El Hospital San Juan de Dios en Santiago de Guatemala by JM Magaña in the April edition of Recrearte Magazine {ñ}.

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