Buying the Afternoon Delivery Guatemalan Bread

Buying the Afternoon Delivery Guatemalan Bread

Somethings are changing in the Guatemalan lifestyle. Others, luckily, remain the same, like hot-just-out-of-the-oven bread delivery in the rainy afternoons in La Antigua Guatemala.

Here we see an indigenous woman purchasing some pan frances and sweet bread to prepare the afternoon “refa” (short for refacción or snack break), the only refacción some people got in their childhood even though there is also a morning refacción. 😉

The smell of the hot Guatemalan bread can make you stop for a bit from a busy schedule, like it did to me just the other day. I bought a cubilete and one champurrada to dunk in my cup of coffee.

What kind of bread would you buy from the panadero delivery?

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  • Manolo

    mmmmmmm…. “pan de yemas” is one of my favourites. Could you get me also a couple of “churros”, one “besito”, and some “semitas”. These last ones, semitas, have aniseed in them and are not to be confused with the “semitas” from Mexico, nor with the “semitas” from El Salvador.

  • Jerry T

    I don’t know one Guatemalan bread from another, however, I have not met too many breads of any nationality that I did not like! I am sure I would love just about any of them. Our tour guide bought some orange colored bread at a stall in Cuidad Viejo (I think) for us as we were traveling. Yummy!

  • claudia

    champurradas, hojaldras, or lenguas, though lenguas I think only certain stores make. . .

  • champurradas, hojaldras, besitos y cachitos de totonicapan…

  • Edwin

    Well how about pirujos con pollo,campechanas, unas conchitas,pan desabrido con frijolitos fritos,pan frances con tamal,rosquitas con cafe,unas gallinitas,ya mejor le paro,cuz I’am gettng hungry

  • Sergio

    Have you ever gone to Panaderia El Rodeo? Located in Guatemala City in La Calzada San Juan and 37th ave.,they still make bread the old fashioned way, brick oven and firewood, they have keppt the tradition. The specialty is the tortas de yemas they make for christmas.

  • Paola

    Hi! We’re in England right now and would love to make some hojaldras. Does anyone have the recipe for these? We can’t wait to have some!
    Thank you!

  • Dianne Andrino

    I would appreciate the recepie for Hojaldras de Guatemala. No hojuelas, No lenguas, no corbatas.

    Thank you.