Arches in Sync

Arches in Sync

An interesting find in La Antigua Guatemala, a town full of arches at every turn; but how often one comes across an arched door and doorway in arched building?

After more than 30 arches photographed in LAGDP, I ask: what are your feelings about arches, anyway/anyhow?

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  • coltrane_lives

    There’s a rain delay at men’s final in Wimbledon, so I decided to drop over to your blog. As for your question about arches, I like their strength in simplicity. Arches always make me think of Rome. I had not thought about LAG and all its arches. Have a great day!

  • MO

    What a coinkidinki. I was just under a famous arch Saturday afternoon. I walked across the Brooklyn bridge from Manhattan island (NYC) side to the Brooklyn side and back. Stood under the one of the arches and looked up to admire it’s beauty. All arches are beautiful..specially the ones in La Antigua.

  • Arches make me think of a very strong building in what people would think Athens and Rome. I studied the Athenians aciteture and the romans architecture and found that they use several columns and very few arches. This site

  • I love Antigua. My dad is from Huehuetenango in Guatemala.